At C&M we pride ourselves on the realistic
The “Assassin” is sure to be a dominate
force at your local track!

The durability and overall performance has
been greatly improved! The new design
does not have any
areas where the body is narrower than other
parts, like over the front tires. This area is at
least twice
as strong as the “Atomic”!
The ‘Assassin” is also designed to allow you
and/or driving style!

If you like a car that will turn in..... hang on
cause this baby will get-er-done!

This is a 12" wide LM Body that will fit most
1/8 Nitro & electric off road buggies
Mounting tips!
When mounting keep in mind that the body should look like
this one on this page as far as where the tires are in
relations to the front and rear of the car. The performance
has a lot to do with where it's mounted as well as looks. I
didn't put wheel openings on these so you can move the
body around to make it work for your style and/or type track.
But the trend I have seen, has been way too far forward and
too high in the front! Get your body lined up on the car at
race height and before you mount and paint. This takes
some time and I have found it's best to remove the body
post and cut the base of the body close to height. Then use
an allen wrench to slide up through the body post mounting
hole and mark where they should be. Then mount and finish
doing the fine trim work. You can't mount a body with it
sitting on top of the body post and taking a guess to where
it goes! When it goes on down on the post it will be off
almost every time! If anyone needs help please drop me an
~All bodies have window mask &over
spray film and come clear and uncut~
Thanks for choosing
C&M Racing Bodies!
Bodies ONLY do not
come with a spoiler!
If you don't see what you're
looking for~contact me at the
above email address!
Assassin 1/8th 12" wide Body Choices